Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe : Delicious and Healthy Noodle Delight




Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe

Looking for a Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe? The following recipe is a delicious and nutritious option that can be made in a short amount of time.

Mei Fun is a traditional Chinese dish that features thin rice noodles, mixed with a variety of vegetables and savory sauces. This recipe is perfect for anyone looking to add more plant-based meals to their repertoire. Packed with vibrant colors and flavors, Vegetable Mei Fun is a great way to enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or friends and family, this recipe is sure to impress and leave everyone feeling satisfied. Read on to discover how to prepare this delightful dish at home.


When making a delicious Vegetable Mei Fun dish, you need the right ingredients to ensure a perfect balance of flavors and textures. The key components to this flavorful and nutritious dish include the following:


  • Rice vermicelli noodles


  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Bell peppers
  • Snow peas
  • Bean sprouts
  • Scallions


  • Soy sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Garlic
  • Ginger


  • Fresh cilantro
  • Toasted sesame seeds
Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe  : Delicious and Healthy Noodle Delight



When preparing Vegetable Mei Fun, it’s essential to carefully execute each step to ensure a delectable end result. The preparation stage comprises various key tasks including soaking the noodles, chopping the vegetables, and making the sauce. Let’s delve into the detailed process of each of these crucial aspects.

Soaking The Noodles

1. Place the Mei Fun noodles in a large bowl.

2. Cover the noodles with warm water.

3. Allow the noodles to soak for approximately 20 minutes or until they are soft.

Chopping Vegetables

1. Gather an assortment of fresh vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, and snow peas.

2. Wash the vegetables thoroughly.

3. Dice the bell peppers, slice the carrots into thin strips, and cut the snow peas into halves.

Making The Sauce

1. Combine soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a pinch of sugar in a small bowl.

2. Mix the ingredients until the sugar is completely dissolved.

3. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning according to your preference.

Cooking Process

Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe – Cooking Process

A delicious Vegetable Mei Fun recipe is a great way to enjoy a light, flavorful meal packed with various vegetables and noodles. This recipe involves a simple cooking process that can be easily followed in your own kitchen. Let’s take a look at how to prepare this delectable dish step by step.

Stir-frying The Vegetables

Stir-frying the vegetables is the first step in preparing the Vegetable Mei Fun. This process brings out the flavors of the vegetables while retaining their natural crunchiness. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Add the sliced carrots, bell peppers, and julienned cabbage to the skillet.
  3. Stir-fry the vegetables for a few minutes until they become slightly tender.
  4. Season the vegetables with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic for an added burst of flavor.
  5. Continue to stir-fry the vegetables for another 2-3 minutes until they are crisp and vibrant.

Cooking The Noodles

Once the vegetables are perfectly stir-fried, it’s time to cook the noodles. Follow these simple steps to achieve perfectly cooked noodles:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil and add the rice noodles to the boiling water.
  • Cook the rice noodles for a few minutes until they are tender but still slightly firm.
  • Drain the noodles and rinse them with cold water to prevent them from sticking together.

Combining And Tossing

Now that both the stir-fried vegetables and the cooked noodles are ready, it’s time to combine and toss them together to create a harmonious medley of flavors. Follow these last steps:

  • Heat some oil in a large wok or skillet over high heat.
  • Add the cooked rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables to the wok.
  • Toss the ingredients together, ensuring the noodles are evenly coated with the flavors.
  • Continue to stir-fry for a minute or two until the noodles and vegetables are thoroughly combined.
  • Remove from heat and serve the Vegetable Mei Fun hot, topped with freshly chopped green onions.

That’s it! You’ve successfully prepared a delightful Vegetable Mei Fun dish by following these simple cooking steps. Enjoy your flavorsome creation!

Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe  : Delicious and Healthy Noodle Delight


Variations And Additions

Enhance the flavor of the Vegetable Mei Fun recipe with these creative Variations and Additions:

Protein Options

  • Shrimp: offers a delicious seafood twist
  • Chicken: adds a savory protein element
  • Tofu: perfect for a vegetarian or vegan twist

Additional Flavorings

  • Soy Sauce: for a salty and umami kick
  • Sesame Oil: adds a nutty flavor
  • Fresh Ginger: provides a zesty and aromatic touch
Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe  : Delicious and Healthy Noodle Delight


Frequently Asked Questions For Vegetable Mei Fun Recipe

What Vegetables Can I Use In Vegetable Mei Fun?

You can use a variety of vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, snow peas, and broccoli. The key is to slice them thinly for quick stir-frying and vibrant colors in your dish.

How To Make Vegetable Mei Fun More Flavorful?

To enhance the flavor of your Vegetable Mei Fun, consider adding ingredients like garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and a dash of sesame oil. These ingredients can elevate the taste profile and add depth to the dish.

Is Vegetable Mei Fun A Healthy Meal Choice?

Yes, Vegetable Mei Fun can be a healthy meal choice as it contains a variety of colorful vegetables and lean proteins. To make it even healthier, opt for whole grain noodles and use minimal oil during cooking. It’s a delicious and nutritious option.

Can I Customize The Spice Level Of Vegetable Mei Fun?

Absolutely! You can adjust the spice level of Vegetable Mei Fun according to your preference. Add red pepper flakes, sriracha, or chili sauce for a kick of heat. Alternatively, you can reduce or omit spicy ingredients for a milder taste.


To sum it all up, this vegetable Mei Fun recipe is a delightful and healthy option for anyone looking to enjoy a flavorful Asian-inspired dish. With a combination of fresh vegetables, savory sauce, and delicate rice noodles, this recipe offers a burst of taste and nutrition.

Whether you are a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, give this recipe a try and experience the joy of preparing a delicious meal at home. Happy cooking!

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